8 Famous People from Gainesville, Florida

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Gainesville, Florida is best known because of the birth of the famous people in it. many people are making the Gainesville proud by working at the national or international level. moreover, famous people from Gainesville, Florida, are working in every field such as acting, singing national games etc. here we are mentioning 8 famous people from Gainesville, Florida.

Bo Diddley

• Birthday: December 20, 1928

• Birth Place: McComb, US

In Gainesville, Bo Diddley is famous because of the type of music he creates. He is a singer, guitarist and works well as a songwriter. The famous Bo Diddley Beat puts something strong in the way of music. Now, there is a huge plaza “Bo Diddley” where people perform the concerts and the musical nights.

Tom Petty

• Birthday: October 20, 1950

• Birth Place: Gainesville, Florida

Tom petty is a member of the rock and roll whose band is now considering as the tradition to play in football. The famous bands “Boys from Old Florida" along with the “I won't back down” are the bands of Tom Petty.

Tim Tebow

• Birthday: August 14, 1987

• Birth Place: Makati

He is a national level champion in the Heisman and brought the trophy at home. He is a famous baseball player along with a winner of the Maxwell Award. From 2006 to 2009, he was the famous quarterback football player.

Steve Spurrier

• Birthday: April 20, 1945

• Birth Place: Miami Beach, US

As a football player, he won the Heisman award and was also known as an efficient coach. Because of his efficiency, he is also famous as a Head ball Coach. He was the man of setting and introducing a new standard of coaching and playing football.

Maya Rudolph

• Birthday: July 27, 1972

• Birth Place: Gainesville, Florida

She is a famous American singer, actor as well as a comedian. In her comedy shows, she played well by copying other celebrities. Moreover, the Saturday night live was the show which was famous because of Maya Rudolph.

Brittany Ann Daniel

• Birthday: March 17, 1976

• Birth Place: Gainesville, Florida

American actress, famous because of her beauty and excellent acting skills. Her role as the Kelly Pitt in the comedy series was the best of that time. The basketball diaries and the white chicks were the best filmy roles of Brittany Ann Daniel.

Robert Cade

• Birthday: September 26, 1927

• Birth Place: San Antonio, US

He was the inventor of the famous sports drink Gatorade. His idea to invent this drink was to replace the electrolytes during the extreme level of workout. For throwing more light on Cade’s legacy at the famous museum named as Cade Museum of Creativity and inventions.

Tyra Sanchez

• Birthday: April 22, 1988

• Birth Place: Gainesville, Florida

James William is the real name of the singer and an acting star. Due to his efficient personality, he is the winner of the two reality shows. As well as he is also known as the drag queen because of his pop singing.

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