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We are a part of Gainesville Tree Service Pros who service the Archer area. We have been doing tree service there for a very long time and decided it was the right time to have a location there. We always provide the best tree service in the 32618 area. 


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Tree Removal Service Archer Fl

Tree removal services can most times be overwhelming since you have to have the right equipment, and safety procedures to be able to get the job done safely and correctly to make sure nothing gets damaged in the process. Our Archer arborist ensures that we get the job done safely and we have the equipment necessary to make it happen. All while offering and keeping a low-cost tree removal price. Give us a call for all of your tree removal needs.

About Gainesville

Gainesville is a northern Florida city. Best known for the University of Florida. Gainesville is also known for having great campuses, museums, rainforests, museums and more.  

Elevation: 177′

Population: 132,127

Top Sights In Gainesville 

Florida Museum of Natural History-Exhibits, Devils Millhopper Geological State Park, Harn Museum of Art, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens 

Tree Trimming Archer 

Searching for tree trimming near me? We are the premier tree trimming company. We say that because we have all the right tools to make sure the trimming service gets done accurately and  Safely. 

Emergency Tree Service

You might need Emergency tree removal at the most unexpected times that’s why we make sure we offer an affordable price for your emergency and help you out as much as we can with your storm damage tree removal.

Searching for emergency tree removal services near me?

Archer Tree Pros is the company to call a one trained arborist to assist you and we will try our best to drop everything and get someone over there as soon as possible. We offer 24-hour emergency tree service, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Stump Removal Service Archer FL

Stumps can be very attractive to look at and present an accident when you least expect it especially if you have children that are running around in the front or backyard. The problem is they are so hard to remove because of the expensive equipment you require. When searching for stump removal in Archer there’s no better company to choose than the Pros. Our tree care is second to none and always makes sure the job is done right.

How far is Gainesville from Archer?

Gainesville is about 14.38 mi from Archer 

What county is Archer FL?

Archer, Florida is in Alachua County 

What is Archer FL ZIP code?

The Archer zip code is 32618 

Stump Grinding vs Removal Service Archer Fl 32618

When searching for tree stump removal near me but don’t actually know which service you need grinding or removal. We walk you through the echo one in a simple explanation to help you make a decision.

Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding doesn’t remove the stump problem completely, instead, it trims it down enough for it to be covered by the dirt but it will grow back in time.

Tree Stump Removal 

Tree stump removal on the other removes the whole stump from the ground. We dig a radius around the stump and our machinery will dig about a 20-inch radius around and deep and remove the stump. Afterward, we will grind the stump and clean up the hole in the ground to make it seem like it never happened.

Archer Tree Service

About Archer, FL

Archer is a city in Alachua County. The population was 1,118 according to a 2010 United States census. The city is named after James T. Archer, the states of Florida first secretary.  

Area: 92′

Area Code: 352 

Top Sights In Archer 

Archer Historical Society Railroad, Watermelon Pond, B&B Fishing Adventures.