Best Hikes to go in Gainesville, Florida

Best Hikes to go in Gainesville

In pleasant weather, hiking is something which people enjoy the most. Hiking includes the best opportunity to explore the outdoor areas with much fun. Most people seek the best hikes to go to Gainesville, so we are here to help you. Hiking is something very close to the people who love nature and want to explore it. While living in Gainesville, you must give yourself the chance to explore the best hike spots. There are many best hikes to go to Gainesville with family or friends to enjoy the vacations. All of them are the best spots to explore in Gainesville.

1. Devil’s Mill hopper State Geological Site

We are assuring you that this spot will be interesting, and you have never visited a hiking spot like this before. The area that is present in a bowl shape will be unique to hike. For the past ten thousand years, this spot is a favorite of the visitors. At this place, the visitors will notice the ferns along with the moss with different shades of green.

2. San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park

A, which is near the Sweetwater Branch Inn is available. The hiking spot is well known because of the horse riding, a bike ride along the hike. Exploring nature at this spot will be the best experience for the visitors. Moreover, for the help in navigations, different areas are mentioned with the marks.

3. Loblolly Woods Nature Park

The spot is expanding to 159 acres of forest. At Loblolly Woods Nature Park hike spot, you will find a wide range of wildlife along with the vegetation. This area is famous because of having shark teeth, which the visitors keep finding. As well as, the location is best to hike for the local people and the visitors.

4. Sweetwater Preserve

To explore something new and unique, it is recommended that you must visit Sweetwater Preserve. The beauty of the location is that there is a water partition between two sections. For mountain biking along with hiking, this hiking spot is best in Gainesville, FL.

5. Cofrin Nature Park

Within Gainesville, FL, the Cofrin nature part is surrounded by forests. The spot is considered the best hike spot to go with friends or family and even along with pets. You must add the hiking spot to your bucket list and you will not regret it after visiting it.

6. La Chua Trail

This hike in Gainesville is considered to the best to see the unique wildlife. Because of the sunshine, spotting the alligators is very easy for the visitors. Similarly, visitors will also spot wild Hogs, horses along deer. Importantly, Gainesville, Florida, is a much bike-friendly area and contains the best hiking spots. Around the hike spots in Florida, there are directions and marks for the visitors or locals. Because of these directions and help, there will be no difficulty in exploring the areas.

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