The Tree Pros FAQs

Tree Pros tree service is a team of professional, licensed, and insured arborists who have a passion for removing, trimming, and grinding trees and stumps. Whenever you are needing Tree service in Gainesville FL do not hesitate to call the tree pros! We have all your answers to the most common tree care questions usually asked.

Common Tree Service Questions


Tree service costs vary depending on the job but the average cost to remove your trees in Florida range $74-$1,500 again depending on how big or small the job is. 

Trees in Florida never tend to lose all their leaves; it's still a good idea to trim some of your leaves. The best time would be around late winter or early springtime 

Tree trimming benefits the trees by removing the branches that are diseased, infested or harming the trees. Having your trees trimmed on a regular basis will ensure to keep them strong, healthy and looking good.

A tree arborist specializes in individual tree care. They have a vast knowledge of trees and what equipment is needed to make sure the job gets done correctly and that won't damage the trees. 

Hiring a multi service tree company like us here at Tree Pros because of the vast knowledge they have. We specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and removal. We always make sure the job gets done from removing the tree then grinding out the stump. That's something that a one service company can’t do. 

Do you see visible dead branches? Is there a whole in the trunk of the tree or do you see the tree physically leaning over? If you notice any of these things or see the roots getting week or decaying give us a call and we will go out and inspect the tree free for you and let you know.

There are a couple of ways to tell if your tree is healthy. One of them is if it has a strong bark, the leaves look flourishing. It's changing according to the seasons that are happening.

It has been said by landscape appraisers that yes! Planting trees, especially large trees in your home can increase your homes value as much as 20 percent.

Yes, you should always make sure the tree company is insured. It can be very dangerous if the tree service company you are using is not insured and something goes wrong so your home can be protected.