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Do you realize you are in need of tree removal services now where do you go from there? Most people go online and search for terms like “tree removal near me,” “tree removal service Gainesville FL,” “tree removal service near me,” or “tree removal Gainesville Florida.” Don’t trust just any company with your tree care. You need a company that values the customer first and provides quality, customer satisfaction. We will get the job done right. 

Sometimes the tree itself has grown too big and it just ends up being in the way and needs to be removed. The tree pros are the go-to tree removal company for the Gainesville fl area! come give us a call and find out why we’re the Tree Pros of Gainesville.



Wherever you’re located in the Gainesville, fl area you can count on us to be there for all your tree services needs! We have several local office locations for your convenience to be able to serve you faster whether it be in stump grinding or stump removal or needing your whole tree removed. We service commercial and residential property because we know how important it is to keep your property value up. Tree care is an art and we take care of your trees as we care for our own. 


There are multiple signs to check for to see if your trees need to be removed. Down below we have highlighted the top 5 signs that indicate that you need tree removal.

1. Leaning or out of place branches

Is your tree leaning or your starting to worry about those branches getting too close to the roof of your property? This is one of the first things people call us about.

2. Your roots are decaying

This might be a little harder to identify because you have to check out the tree but if you notice things like your tree not declining or your branches and leaves are turning brown it might be a good time to give us a call! and request our free estimate and one of our Gainesville tree professionals will come by and inspect your tree.

3. Bad Bark

The bark of your tree is like the skin on your body when you see the bark on the tree for the first time the means the is exposed and anything can damage the inside of it. Bugs get inside of it and damage the tree from the inside out.

4. Fungi

Fungi get inside the tree in a number of ways like you just read but if fungi enter the tree it will damage the whole tree and it will be time to get the tree removed. Once fungi have been inside for a long time it’s almost impossible to restore the tree after this.

5. Hollow Trees

A tree hollow is a cavity in the tree this can happen when you have bad bark and the tree is exposed and fungi and bacteria get inside. This creates an opening in the tree that causes the inside to weaken and spread throughout.

Don’t ignore the signs

Leaving your tree removal service for a later time can be very dangerous! Give your Tree Service Gainesville Pros a call!

Needing emergency tree removal service?

We are the pros to call! Everyone knows very well that trees are an important part of nature but in some situations, where tree trimming is not enough tree removal then is necessary. Many homeowners like their trees especially in Gainesville where we have such beautiful native trees. In some cases where the trees get too large and need to be removed because they present a problem like with the pipes of the home if the branches grow into it or if the branches start to present a dangerous problem and might cause damage if they fall and the tree needs to be removed. Another thing that can happen is trees can get termites or get sick and start dying bringing the value of your home down while the tree is still located in your property.