What are the best trees that thrive in Florida Heat?

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Florida is best for its beaches and the more amount of the sunshine. Along with these, qualities are is a wide range of forests in Florida. Moreover, wide ranges of the best trees that thrive in the Florida heat are available. In these best trees, most of them are flower trees, fruit trees along with the shade trees. 

The trees that grow best in Florida are rich in the low maintenance qualities. These qualities of the different trees are

• Need for low fertilizer

• Resistant to the pests and the diseases

• Need a low amount of water

• Able to tolerate the soil of the Florida

The list of the trees, which contains all of these qualities, will thrive best in Florida heat. Growing these types of trees will be helpful in this type of critical climate and heat.

Flowering Trees

1. Bougainvillea

• Height: 30 Feet Tall

These flowering trees need full sunshine to grow and produce flowers. They include themselves in the trees to grow in the gardens.

2. Cassia Trees

• Height: 10 Feet Tall

They contain yellow color flowers, which attract the butterflies and increases the beauty of the garden.

3. Powderpuff

• Height: 15 Feet Tall

These flower trees require a balanced amount of water along with the sunlight. Mostly they grow the pinkish or red colors of the flowers.

4. Crape Myrtle

• Height: 30 Feet Tall

They are best to grow in the gardens and produce flowers in white, pink along with purple and red.

Shade Trees

1. Live Oak

• Height: 60 Feet

Tall In the heat of Florida, the Live Oak grows well and provides a good source of shade.

2. Maple

• Height: 60 Feet

Tall These are the trees with dense leaves in such a way that provide a large area of shade

3. Black Olive

• Height: 40 Feet

Tall Just for the sake of the greenery and the shades, these types of trees are best to grow in public areas.

4. Ficus

• Height: 25 Feet

Tall The evergreen, Ficus is also a good source of providing the beauty along with the shade. All of these shade trees grow very well even in the heat of Florida. Mostly these shade trees are for the public areas rather than the personal lawns.

Fruit Trees

1. Banana Trees

• Height: 30 Feet

Tall Provides a large amount of the fruit even in the heat of Florida and grows well with the sunshine.

2. Figs Trees

• Height: 25 Feet

Tall By providing a good amount of water and good soil, you can get an excessive amount of fruit from Fig trees.

3. Jackfruit Trees

• Height: 40 Feet Tall

These tall trees are the best source for providing a large amount of fruit every year.

4. Loquat Trees

• Height: 20 Feet Tall

Best fruit, which grows in Florida, needs the maximum amount of the sunshine. When we discuss the landscaping in Florida, heat and sun are the major factors, which come to mind. The care of the trees after planting them is important in all of the seasons because of the excess heat.

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