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Who to Call If A Storm Knocks My Tree Down?

Trees are meant to fall at certain stages of their lives. The trees are living creatures and it’s natural that eventually, they will have to die. That’s the reason it’s quite risky when there is any huge tree near your house or building in stormy weather.

The falling of any tree on your house may result in certain factors to evaluate. You will have to see the intensity of the storm as well as the destruction that occurred by it. There are many things to do while such conditions happen yet some pivotal safety steps for you and your family are the following:

Contact Helpline

There is a possibility that a tree might fall at your home’s entry point. In this case, you will be stuck, so you must contact the helpline immediately.

Emergency services must be called and also you can contact some other helping services depending upon the situation. Make sure that every member of your family is safe and sound.

The Gainesville Solid Waste Division (353) 334-2330 (Gainesville residents) and Alachua County’s Waste Collection: (352) 338-3233.

Contact the Electrical Company in case power lines are affected The disruption of power lines may occur due to a tree fall as a result of a severe. It ultimately causes power losses and may lead to dangerous consequences.

There can be a fire or chances of people catching electric shocks if the situation is not handled properly. The unavailability of electricity shows that the power line has been disturbed.

Contact Authorities

You must immediately inform the concerned authorities so that situation can be handled. The presence of smoke in the house means you have to get out of the house instantly and you must inform your neighbors too. The concerned experts will come and repair the faults.

Contact an Arborist

You must contact an experienced arborist to evaluate the post-storm conditions. They know how to handle various ambiguous situations as they are trained to do so. By providing you further guidance on what to do, they can take effective steps to keep your premises safe and secure. When it comes to the removal of the fallen trees and other activities, you should seek an arborist’s directions.

Yes, you may have to pay a bit higher money by calling an experienced arborist but it’s worth doing a thing. Other reasons for high expenses are the use of particular equipment including cranes, loading equipment, and such other machinery. Contact us for more info!

Contact Your Insurance Company

In case of any damage caused by the tress that has fallen, you must contact your insurance company. Always call the insurance adjuster before the removal of the trees from the damaged place. The adjuster will file your claim to get the maximum possible compensation. Try to call the adjuster and arborist at the same time. The insurance company will pay the expenses of removing the fallen trees and will pay the compensation amount for the damage.

Contact Contractor

At times there is a possibility that a fallen tree can damage the roof or the majority part of the house. In that case, you must contact the contractors to get it repaired on an emergency basis. If the house is not livable, then take precautionary measures to keep it safe.

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